These are online or app based education - some are FREE. Many of these sites want new classes and teachers to create classes - good way to share your knowledge and talents.

If you have any sites not on this list, please email them to me and I will add them. 


Masterclass has online video sessions with the truly great in their fields. Kevin Spacey, Shonda Rhimes, Usher, Aaron Sorkin, Reba McEntire, Christina Aguillera, Werner Herzog, Dustin Hoffman, Serena Williams and more. If you’ve ever wanted to learn from these amazing talents, this is a way to do so on your timetable from where you are.


Online and app-based learning. Over 13,000 classes. Everything from business and tech to crafts and culinary. Active classroom community. Usually has a 3 month trial. Great way to pick up a new skill or play around with something.

This site has over 1500 classes, some free, and often hosts week long events in photography around a theme with live streaming. Classes cover everything from business, craft and lifestyle,

It brands itself as a tech site, but it also bundles together classes from other providers on business, social marketing and technology.


"Online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults who want to add new skills to their resumes, or explore their passions.-Wikipedia" Diverse range of classes from business and personal development to art and music. Purchase by class vs. subscription model. Pricing ranges fro  $10 and up.

Shaw Academy
Online portal, subscription based service with free trial. Buiness, tech and lifestyle classes.

Brit + Co
Online lifestyle magazine with growing selection of classes to learn art and craft skills along with small business. Some classes have supply kits optional. Purses, jewelry, fashion illustration, calligraphy, photography - check them out. Has free and bundled classes.


Classes, supplies and projects for all kinds of crafting - including gardening and woodworking. Lots of free tips and includes student showcase for showing off projects. Does have apps and free classes.

iTunes U

App based learning, `download for free from Apple's App store. Diverse learning opportunities from a wide range of educational institutions, including Harvard, Stanford and more. Last time checked - all were free.

One Day University

Hosts live one day events around the country on a variety of topics–art, history, politics, economics and more. Speakers are college professors or true experts in their field. Has a monthly subscription service to see videos of past events. Great way to get an education fix. Online bookstore with unique titles curated from Amazon in support of class topics.

The Great Courses

Formerly just DVDs on amazing array of topics from science to art to the classics. Has now changed to a subscription service model, with DVDs still an option. Taught by professors and pros in their specific topics - perfect way to fill in any gaps or classes you wish you could have taken.

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