The Fine Art Search Engine. Online reference for art history, latest news in the art world, links to art museums worldwide (small and big) and an online gallery of latest masterworks digitized from around the world. If you can't make it to a museum, this is a great resource to get inspiration, discover artists new to you and expand your view. Paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography.
Site has all categories of documentaries available to view - art, science, history, biography, comedy, music and more. You can access these documentaries through your media devices. For FREE. Great for those times when you need a dose of inspiration and you can't make it to your closest independent film cinema.
Expert ideas and tutorials about graphic design, web design, page layout, business marketing, and more from designer and author Chuck Green. Includes blog covering variety of topics and great collection of links ranging from suppliers and schools to stores and MIND vacations. (Print, web, illustration, photo, type, tech, marketing, reference are all tabs on his link list.)

Created by Interweave and a division of the Artists Network, this site has forums, tutorials, blogs, videos, contests, galleries and more. Free ebooks and links to online seminars, some of which are free. Great place to pick up tips and techniques using all kinds of media to expand your repertoire and learn on your own time.


Everyone needs places to refuel their creative juices. These sites can do that – no matter what creative media you work in.

If you have any sites not on this list, please email them to me and I will add them. 

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