Daily email or weekly wrap-up email about the creative industry-graphic design, web, photography, software, equipment. Includes tips, tutorials, book reviews, prizes, job listings and a wealth of content.
Content site built around any interest you have. Communities, emails on topics, whatever you need to learn.
Tips, tutorials, jobs and industry news.
Online training for design, photography, web, illustration, multimedia. Monthly or yearly subscription periods. DVDs, books and seminar tours.
Online training for software and more. Subscription-monthly or annual. DVDs and books. This site used to be independent and is now owned by Microsoft. There's hope that if you own any of their software, membership access may be included.
Online home of NAPP, National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
Membership includes subscription to magazine, tutorials, discounts and a whole lot more. Job listings part of the site. Seminar tours are discounted with membership.

They also have one - two conferences a year and classes on tour for additional education and meet-ups.
Sites for the magazines (How, Print) of the same name. Education in graphic design, advertising, illustration, commercial photography. Job listings and online webinars, bookstore and other unique resources,
Dallas Society of Visual Communications. Monthly meetings from Sept-May with top name industry talents in design or advertising. Job listings for Dallas-Fort Worth area market.
American Society of Media Photographers, includes business resources, blog ( and more for photographers and creatives. National and local chapters, memberships available. Developed an app on iTunes "Find a Photographer" to help connect clients and member photographers.

This is American Institute of Graphic Arts, which has national and local chapters to help educate and celebrate the best in the industry. Education, networking and job resources.
Resources for the publishing industry including job listings, educational opportunities, news and network of blogs about the industry. Traditional and non-traditional media. Now has online educational classes.

Vocation Vacations
Want to try out a new field or take a walk in someone else's shoes? Check out this site for vacations exploring anything from photography to shoe design. Lots of options, including one on one mentoring.

Please remember to check your local community and state colleges, including your alma mater. You never know where that next amazing opportunity will come from.

These sites have resources and job listings.
Animation, visual effects, video games, television, film, software, advertising jobs–a resource for any working in these fields.
Entertainment industry jobs, including internships. Ranging from creative to administrative, legal and financial.
Job listings for the creative industry. Includes a database with portfolio options to showcase your work.
This used to be a fee-based service for design industry jobs - be sure to check if you sign up. Gathers and researches jobs from all sectors.
News, papers, events, directory, glossary all about branding. Covers both corporate and personal. Used to have a formal job listing section, but now has banner ads for jobs. 

These sites have job listings for creatives and more (all fields). Sometimes looking in unexpected places can provide a lead.
Networking site with growing list of job listings. Great tool to research, connect and learn from with articles by thought leaders in their industries. Be sure to get the apps for your mobile devices - there's one specific for job searchers. Books and online classes have been developed specifically to use this resource.
Indexes job listings from multiple sites.
Ever-evolving site with listings, resources, tips and more. Includes specialized communities to help provide career advice for military service, educators, creatives. now part of the Monster site.
Job listings, resources and other tools to help with your job search across all industries, all countries.
Site which used to specialize in jobs over $100,000 by role, industry or location. Now showing jobs $50,000 and up. Includes resources to utilize during your search. Free to premium membership.
A collection of job sites with specialty categories by industry and by location.
Site for direct and internet marketing, news, educational resources, job board hosted by Ad Age (currently in the footer.​)
Jobs related to the search engines now only. Yahoo's HotJobs now part of the site. Search engines can be a great way to locate and research new opportunities.
Search across all category industries and locations.
Focuses on hourly jobs, resources and advice for job searchers.
Clean and easy interface to start your job hunt.
Search by location, industry, company and more.
Jobs for people 50+ years of age–includes resources and membership options.
Employment search engine by location or industry.
In addition to meeting people and selling or finding a treasure, it also has jobs for all industries. Use your best judgement and do research about the the employers listed-not as well vetted as traditional sites.
Specializes in technology jobs - from aerospace to computers, now a division of CareerBuilder.


Please note: photograph resource links coming soon.

Resources, tools and inspiration to live the creative life.

Jobs & Education 

For creatives looking for educational and job opportunities, these sites have both. 

How did these resource lists get started? I made notes as I ran across them to help out friends and myself as we've worked in the industry. If you have any sites not on this list, please email them to me and I will add them. 

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