Gigs and Freelance

For creatives with a desire to freelance or market their own creative output. 
Please check each site's rules for membership, terms, etc. 

If you have any sites not on this list, please email them to me and I will add them. 


New lead generation website (2016) harvesting the power of connections to bring the right talent together. 


Connects the world's talent base with lean entrepreneurs to create anything. Talent puts together packages to align with business needs and the site brokers the work. Includes guides and advice to navigate and succeed in this marketplace.

Upwork (formerly and
Creative service connector for all types of creative-writing, design, web design, coding-even accounting type services. Free or upgraded membership. Check site for current requirements for offering services as well as guides to the site.
Marketplace with custom publishing services. Books, calendars, prints, music and more. Creative services connector for any member needing help getting their creative ideas made. Check site for current†requirements for offering creative services.
Marketplace with print on demand publishing services. Books, magazines and eBooks. Creative services connector for any member needing help getting their creative ideas made. Check site for current requirements for offering creative services.
Marketplace with print on demand publishing services. Product selection for customization expanding and evolving.
Marketplace for artwork, crafts and more, including collectibles and supplies. Lots of great education for members.
Marketplace for artists and photographers. Print-on-Demand or originals. Strong community and support network for creatives. 

This used to be a marketplace with print on demand publishing services, now morphed into a curated collection of artists, but they do take new artists. Check the FAQs.
Curated site featuring affordable and photography through limited edition prints. Marketed through email newsletter, gallery. Artists and photographers check on the  FAQs at the site, not actively seeking submissions as of January 2017, but never hurts to try.
Connector site for designers and web creative.  Closing down end of month April, 2017. We're still waiting information on if will keep the original pieces already on the site or if we will get booted off the site.

Marketplace for original or print-on-demand artwork. Free or premium membership. Not to confuse, but this is a sister site of and, which will often pick up pieces listed on ArtistsRising to offer for sale at these sites based on whatever parameters they use. (Yes, I have artwork and photos on these sites. Search Jenphotoart. Great support community - we often discuss what's going on and scratch our heads in puzzlement.)
Marketplace for arts, crafts, collectibles and more. Alternative to eBay, Etsy and Amazon, including eCommerce and affiliate programs. Received great reviewsin 2016, check it out.​ (formerly
Referal Site to look for gigs based on skill sets in local marketplace. Profile pages or search. Located in Great Britain, but states it has gigs worldwide. May depend on if there is a service provider located in the area you are in.
Marketplace for original or print-on-demand artwork.

Microstock sites

(opportunity to sell images/graphics/videos)

Stock photography sites are hotly traded commodities - constantly being created, merging and being bought out. Please check the submission guidelines, FAQs and user communities to see what's the best fit for your work,
Tips and advice about selling to microstock sites.  
Based in Canada, this site has resources for photographers and other creative members who are registered to the site. Now owned by Getty Images. Also includes the former site as part of their collection,  
One of the largest microstock sites. Excepts graphics as well as photos.  
Subscription model stock site.

fotolia by Adobe
Stock site for images, integrated into Adobe's Cloud platform of creative tools.

International stock site for images.

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